We can meet in person or speak on the phone/Zoom, and I will provide feedback to you on the text you produce for your accreditation.

Step 1: Initial phone conversation to discuss where you are in the process or arrange to meet face to face.

Step 2: Discuss Fee structure. Feedback will be charged per criterion and additional feedback via phone/Zoom will be charged pro rata of my hourly rate.

Step 3: I will discuss my standard contract with you and will email you a copy. Once I have received your signed copy I will begin working with you on your accreditation.

Step 4: We will arrange for copies of what you have written about each criterion to be emailed to me.

Step 5: I will email to acknowledge receipt and give an approximate timeframe within which I will send you feedback.

Step 6: Feedback will be provided on Microsoft Word’ using Track Changes and Comment Boxes

Step 7: If I feel that my comments/feedback is taking longer than agreed I will contact you to get your permission to continue.

Step 8: Once I have completed feedback I will email copies back to you and if needed arrange for a follow up phone call/Zoom to discuss my comments.

Step 9: I will then send you an invoice for my time. I will expect payment via BAC’s transfer within 14 days. I will send you an acknowledgement email when payment has been received.