Work is fundamental to how we experience and see ourselves.  In new social situations often the first question to be asked is: “What do you do?”

We are often defined by our work, and spend a vast amount of time doing it. It gives us a great deal: money, security, prestige, a sense of purpose, a home, identity and confidence. So, when things go wrong this can strike at our core. When this happens, it can feel very threatening to who and what we feel we are and stress can result. When this happens you can lose your confidence and your ability to do your job well.

Work related stress can be triggered in a number of different situations, including:

Threat of redundancy
Change of role
New manager
New responsibilities
Feeling under pressure to do more with reduced resources
Feeling bullied or harassed because of your race, gender, sexuality, or disability

How I can I help?

My experience of working in demanding, high-pressure roles and supporting individuals in ever changing work environments allows me to understand the stress that you may be having.

I  can work with you to:

Put together a personal support package
Identify a clear vision of how to work more effectively
Help you set goals on issues that are challenging you
Offer emotional support