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Finding the accreditation process daunting? Feeling stuck on a criteria? Been deferred, or just need support in starting? Want someone to discuss the process with?, Then I may be able to help.

Deciding to train as a therapist may be a calling. You may feel need to help others, or it might simply be a career choice. You have may have spent countless hours and expense on CPD, self development and personal therapy and now it feels like you have to jump through the further hoop of accreditation.

Accreditation should not be seen as a chore. It will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate to your employer, the general public, your peers and yourself that you able to articulate you knowledge and skill and work ethically for clients and the profession as a whole.

Do not take this step lightly. As stated on the BACP website, accreditation is not for newly qualified counsellors but for those with experience in the field.

BACP requires a minimum of 450 client hours to start your accreditation. In my experience of supporting those that have gone through this process just having these hours sometimes is not enough. Before you begin accreditation you may want to consider the following questions:

  • Are you willing to commit to the time needed to complete this?
  • Do you have others in and out of the profession able to offer you the emotional and practical support you will need?
  • This process requires you to look at yourself as a therapist and explain what you do and the reasons for doing it. Do you feel able to do this?
  • Are you able to articulate and explore the model/s of therapy you use? And if the models you use now are different to those you trained in can you explain that journey?

Having been through this process myself and supported numerous others going through it, I have the knowledge and experience to help you through to completion.

My initial training was in a Person Centred Approach. I am now an integrative trained counselling supervisor and therapist. I am also a qualified couples counsellor.

I cannot guarantee that you will pass but I will offer you the support you need to get thought this process successfully.

If you need support in starting, or just want to discuss the process please contact me using the details below.

Following the Link for:  Accreditation Testimonials