Couples and relationship counselling

At present I have no availability for new couples counselling clients.

Our relationships can be the most rewarding and challenging aspects of our lives. When they are not working well we can feel anger, resentment and disappointment. Some relationships are between couples, including partners, husbands and wives. Others are, for example, between parents and children, friends or colleagues. All of these relationships can be brought to couples or relationship counselling.

We can find ourselves stuck in dysfunctional patterns of behaviours that do not contribute to healthy relationships. The ability to communicate how you really feel in relationships may have become limited from previous negative experiences or from childhood memories.

Coming to see me with your partner, or with others with whom you are in an important relationship will give you the space and time to communicate honestly and well to one another about the problems you face. I will help facilitate an environment where you can talk honestly and openly.

I have worked for many years counselling a diverse range of heterosexual, same sex, family and other relationships. Couples counselling can refresh and renew stuck and stale relationships, and bring new insights and joy. Sometimes it’s about finding a respectful and honest way of ending the relationship. All of this takes place in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.